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Goddess of the hearth

Our dishes find inspiration from a custom 20-ft hearth which anchors the kitchen and dining room. Snacks, small plates, and large format entrees allow an opportunity to explore and showcase techniques that highlight the role of fire in food. Hestia's chefs, in order to provide a deeper look into our food philosophy and how we create, play an integral role in service and directly interact with all of our guests.

snack menu

  • oyster | buttermilk bay oysters, smoked tomato, chive, jalapeño oil | 4 ea

potato tart | bay laurel cream, chestnut mushroom | 3 ea

shrimp & cabbage | chipotle, masa, smoked egg | 4 ea

scallop herb sandie | basil, tempura, vinegar | 6 ea

blue crab claws | smoked butter, sotol dip | 6 ea

black chicken & kaluga caviar | pickled wakame, burnt hay cream | 16 ea

uni & cornbread | grilled cornbread, mirin, shoyu | 12 ea

wagyu lardo toast | px sherry, onion, sourdough | 4 ea


  • snapper | recado negro, chile, tomato, cilantro | 16
  • pompano | turmeric, lemongrass, green daikon, monk's pepper | 16

    fluke | smoked tangelo, galangal, cayenne, toasted rice | 16


  • halibut | snap pea, green beans, almond oil, lactic rutabaga | 35

red ranger chicken | prickly ash glaze, bok choy kohlrabi | 28

berkshire pork sirloin | sunchoke, celeriac, pea tendrils | 29

lion's mane mushroom | black bean koji, smoked oil, beets, red turnip | 25

berkshire pork belly | hoisin, tangelo, green tomato, cabbage, fresno | 28


40 day dry aged new york strip | smoked potato, wood ash butter, wild onion | 48

32 day dry aged wagyu skirt steak | basil, radish, ginger-eel steak sauce | 32

small plates

  • parker house rolls | formagina butter, benne seed, onion ash | 12

winter greens | romaine, mustard, bagna cauda, balichok, vegetable ash | 12

spaghetti squash | strawberry boshi, habanero, begonia, carrot | 13

wagyu tartare | pinyon pine, sunchoke, green emmer cracker | 16

broccoli | mint marigold, wild onion, horseradish, waygu tallow | 13

alaskan king crab | roasted kelp butter, sourdough, bok choy, celery | 25



  • Call 512.333.0737 from 5:30pm – 10pm Tuesday-Thursday, Sunday;
  • 5:30-11pm Friday and Saturday, or book online with OpenTable.
  • Reservations required for parties of 7 or more.
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Contact + Location

  • hours:
  • tuesday-thursday, sunday 5:30p-10p
  • friday-saturday 5:30p-11p
  • closed monday

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